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Crossing Africa from North to South
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Discover Africa's hidden treasures with us : 10 months, countless adventures, infinite stories! We're sharing our journey on social media so we can inspire more travellers to come and enjoy this often overlooked continent.

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A quick summary

We started our journey in Jordan, in September 2023. We then crossed the Red Sea by ferry, reaching the Sinai Peninsula. For 23 days, we explored Egypt and all its wonders. From Cairo we flew to Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. We spent 3 weeks discovering Lalibela, the Omo Valley and making our way South direction Kenya. The country left a terrific impression on us, we absolutely loved it!

Our backpacking journey continues to Uganda, which made us fall in love with it ... the landscapes, the people, the food, so much to look up to! Rwanda for 18 days, but Pol got sick, so we weren't as active. Our travel then takes us to Tanzania, where it was quite hard to stay on the budget as most attractions tend to be very pricy. Following the Tazara train line, we entered Malawi and got very impressed with the many eco-lodges and non-profits running amazing accommodations.

After 16 days in the country, we're ready to continue towards new exciting destinations. We just crossed to Zambia, and are slowly heading to Namibia, for the road trip of a lifetime. Joined by Pol's parents, we explored as much of the country as we could, amazed by the unique landscapes of the region. Then, mid-May, a 20h night bus got us to South Africa, country n°11 of our journey. Cape Town impressed us deeply and we were fortunate to meet great Couchsurfers who took us around. From here, we continue to Knysna and Johannesburg ...

But winter really started in SA, so we found the motivation to go out an explore eSwatini, the small landlocked kingdom, where we had an amazing time in the national parks. 4-5 days later, we crossed the eastern border and entered Mozambique. We just had a week to explore the country so we sticked to the coast, visiting both Tofo and Ponta da Ouro.