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The channel

Our Youtube channel is called Lisa & Pol travel the world. We officially started it in February 2023, and have since posted 26 videos, exculding short formats.

How it started

YouTube is a platform that we really enjoy and producing videos for our channel is something that takes a lot of time and effort but we are usually pretty proud of the result.

In preparation of this long travel we've started creating a few videos to start to understand the ins and outs but we only started taking it seriously at the start of our backpacking journey through Africa, from Cairo to Cape Town.

Our style for now consists mostly of vlogging videos where we film ourselves and the people we meet in a pretty informal way. Investing in a professional camera was a topic we discussed many times, but for now we're sticking with filming with our phones (pretty good ones). This allows us to always have our camera on us, to not worry about an additional expensive item and to create more easily content for other platforms, like Instagram.

Typically, we're showing our interactions, the landscapes, the funny moments, the frustrations of travelling for such a long time. It also includes many tips, budget breakdowns and itineraries.

We're very aware that producing quality content is hard and we are still learning, to capture better shots, the storytelling, the technical editing skills, etc. Hopefully you'll be seeing improvement along the way !

If you prefer shorter, more frequent content, you can check out our instagram account (@lisaandpol) where we are also very active.

Hope to count you as a subscriber,

Lisa & Pol