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How it started

Instagram is the social media we're the most active on, almost everyday we try to share our daily adventures through stories. We share budget, tips, videos and the way we feel. All these get saved in dedicated country highlights, so checking them out is the best place to get inspired about a destination you want to visit.

A few times per week we'll share a post or a reel, featuring curated pictures and videos to showcase the beauty, diversity and uniqueness of the African continent.

It's also a great place to contact us through direct messages if you have any question about our journey.

Lisa is the one doing most of the work on the platform, creating a beautiful feed and designing great stories.

If you prefer to sit back and enjoy longer, more in depth content, check out our YouTube channel (Lisa & Pol travel the world) where we post frequently vlogs about our Cairo to Cape Town journey.

Hope to count you as a follower,

Lisa & Pol