Naamacha, Mozambique

Country #13 - Mozambique

4 awesome days in eSwatini, enjoying fully what the national parks have to offer, direction Mozambique, hitchhiking to the border from Hlane National Park.

Lisa's visa is very expensive (145€), and the process wasn't so straightforward. We had to go back to print papers, and then find a money exchange guy to get the local currency to pay for the visa. But we made it, and we're glad we're here, for some time we thought we wouldn't have time.

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Mbabane, Eswatini

Country #12 - Eswatini

Fleeing the cold weather of the coast, we quickly moved to Joburg and took a combi to Mbabane. Next destination, maybe Mozambique ?

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Cape Town, South Africa

Country #11 - South Africa

2 weeks of intense road trip in Namibia with my mom, a totally different travelling experience than what we're used to. It was amazing !

We're taking the comfortable 24h Intercape bus from Windhoek to Cape Town.

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Livingstone, Zambia

Country #10 - Namibia

Zambia was a happy place for us, volunteering with chimps in Chimfunshi for a week, taking some time off in Lusaka to edit videos and meeting a beautiful person that hosted us for 3 days. It ended with Victoria Falls, wow !

We then took a direct bus from Livingstone to Windhoek, and actually didn't know that we were crossing Botswana as well. A long journey !

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Lusaka, Zambia

We booked our return flight tickets !

After slowly seeing the prices increase, we finally decided to book our exit. We will fly Turkish Airlines, from Durban to Vienna, on the 1st of July. That means we will have spent 298 days on the road.

The good thing is we're allowed to bring 2 suitcases with us, each. So we can bring all our purchases and maybe an extra souvenir or two :)

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Mchinji, Zambia

Country #9 - Zambia

16 days in Malawi, more than we had anticipated really. The country's landscape are breathtaking, the lake omnipresent and the lodges top notch. One downside, the public transportation is the worst so far. We crossed the borders in Mchinji. One of the smoothest crossing so far, it's opened 24/7.

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Songwe, Malawi

Country #8 - Malawi

36 days in Tanzania, the country is huge ! We were surprised by the high price of the national parks and ended up spending quite some time on the road, hitchhiking. We crossed border in Songwe, where Lisa applied for a last minute visa on-arrival.

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Rusomo, Tanzania

Country #7 - Tanzania

We spent 19 days in Rwanda, with 10 days in the capital Kigali waiting for Pol to recover from his sickness. We didn't do as much as we had hoped, but resting was welcome after 5 month travelling. We crossed the border in Rusomo, it was quite straightforward. The only thing was that we lacked cash, so we got a bit stressed until we finally found an ATM somewhere, with only 10$ left in the pocket.

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Cyanika, Rwanda

Country #6 - Rwanda

After exactly a month in Uganda, a country we fell in love with, we cross borders in Cyanika and enter Rwanda, the land of thousand hills. The border crossing is very straightforward as we have an East African Visa.

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Busia, Uganda

Country #5 - Uganda

This is it ! After 38 days in Kenya, we just crossed the border in Busia to Mbale, where we found a last minute couchsurfer who's gonna host us for a night or two. The crossing was straightforward although it was a long day as we had to take 4 different matatus.

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Moyale, Kenya

Country #4 - Kenya

After 23 days in Ethiopia, we cross the borders in Moyale and enter Kenya ! What we thought would be a straight forward 10-minute crossing turned out to be a 3h struggle ... the border officers actually take a 2h lunch break :)

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Country #3 - Ethiopia

Following our plans to go south, we flew overnight from Cairo to Addis Ababa, skipping Sudan.

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Nuweiba, Egypt

Country #2 - Egypt

After failing to cross the border by land through Israel, we managed to reach Nuweiba by ferry.

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Amman, Jordan

Official start or the world tour !

So happy to finally start this journey. We've been prepping for this for many month and it was actually quite overwhelming on departure day. But this is it, we are on the go, with all our stuff :)

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Amman, Jordan

Country #1 - Jordan

First country on the list. The first 10 days will be a roadtrip with Lisa's parents, all around the country. From there, we are freeeeee !

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Trencin, Slovakia

Last days before departure

We have a checklist with all the things we still need to do before we fly to Jordan. Everyday we cross a few items and then add new ones. A few things we did today :

Take and print some id pictures to have with us

Purchase the Jordan Pass

Contact hosts on workaway

We also had "buy antimalarials" on that list, but as it turns out, you need a medical prescription to get them in Slovakia, which we don't have. So we have that to figure out in the next 4 days :)

Paris, France

Vaxxed up !

We are done with vaccines for some time. We got them all from Centre de Vaccination Air France in Paris 10th over 2 appointments : Rabbies, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Meningitis. Quite a budget !

Pol getting vaccinated
Paris, France

What our african itinerary might look like

From Jordan, take a ferry to cross the Red Sea to Sinai, maybe some diving/freediving in Dahab, exploring Egypt and then a plane to fly over Sudan, which is quite uncrossable by land at the moment. Maybe land in Ethiopia or Kenya and from there make our way south to South Africa. Might take us 3, 6 or 12 month just for that. We try to not plan much and be open to opportunities along the way.

Conseils voyageurs Afrique - 22/06/2023
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Bari, Italy

We are starting with Jordan !

As Lisa's parents wanted to go to Jordan for Alenka's 60th birthday, we will be joining them from September 8th. They will fly back on the 18th, and we will stay, marking the start of our tour ! Our first flight of the world tour is officially booked (with no luggage ...)

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Paris, France

Itinerary, Budget, Duration, Mindset

Itinerary : start with Africa, going towards the south. Ideally, hitch a ride on a boat to get to Asia or South America. We will be tyring to avoid expensive countries as our budget is quite tight.

Budget : 15000€ each, if we manage to reach that by the end of July

Duration : minimum a year probably, not really a maximum

Mindset : live in a different way, take opportunities, get to know the places we cross by woofing/volunteering/working there. Hopefully find something that we feel passionate about

Paris, France

Quitting our jobs !

That's it, no turning back, we quit our jobs ! We will be working until the end of July.

Paris, France

Creating a Youtube, Insta & Tiktok

Since we decided to go travel, we had in mind that we wanted to share our experience with our friends and family. We started shooting already last month in Italy and Cyprus, and it's time to do the editing and to share our first content.

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Paris, France

Tanzania will be our first country

As Pol wanted to summit Kilimanjaro for some time, we are starting to think that Tanzania might be our first destination. September is a great time to visit. Lisa is not sure she would join the climb.

Paris, France

Lisa, do you want to quit our jobs next summer and go travel the world ?

That's the message I sent Lisa on Whatsapp, and here is her answer :

whatsapp : i want to
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