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Lisa & Pol
by Lisa & Pol
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Swimming with dugongs, egyptian hospitality & freediving | Egypt travel vlog

Filmed on : october 2023

Filmed in : Red Sea

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Coming soon, the budget, some stories and tips and some pictures.

3-weeks itinerary

Our 3 weeks itinerary in Egypt
Our 3 weeks itinerary in Egypt

We wrote a detailed articled about going to Abu Simbel independently.

And here are the 3 videos we did about the country :

Part 1 : the Red Sea and South Sinai

Part 2 : the Temples of the Nile Valley

Part 3 : pyramids, Cairo and Alexandria

You can check our instagram @lisaandpol which features a dedicated Egypt highlight.

Lisa & Pol
Lisa & Pol
We're a Slovak-French couple in our twenties currently backpacking across Africa for a year. One of our goals is to inspire travellers to go explore this often forgotten continent. On this blog we're focusing on providing up to date info about prices and itineraries, especially geared towards backpackers on a budget. We also create content on Youtube and Insta if you prefer a more visual approach 😉
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