The perfect 10-day itinerary around Jordan

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The perfect Jordan itinerary | Best places to visit on a roadtrip [2024]

Filmed on : September 2023

Filmed in : Jordan

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Jordan was for a long time on our travel list and Lisa's mum 60th birthday was a perfect occasion for a family roadtrip! Plus Alenka's old friend from uni times lives in Amman, which was one more reason for us to choose Jordan as our ideal destination and reunite the old friends.

The Jordan Pass

All travelers should try to take advantage of the Jordan Pass, as it's a convenient and cheap way to visit Jordan. When you book it, make sure to consider the number of days you want let for Petra, as this is what decides the final cost. 1 day more is just 5JD, whereas on the site, if you eventually find out that you want to explore it once more, it will be much more expensive (40JD up).

Also included are many stops all around the country, which is a nice addition although we found that in many places you would need to hire a guide to understand what is up, as the signaling is often inexistant.

There is also a train you can ride in the Wadi Rum, you must book it at the time of purchase.

At Amman's airport, make sure to keep left and go to the line of Jordan Pass holders to get your visa.

Is it safe to visit Jordan in 2023 ?

Yes, Jordan is an extremely safe country that has managed to guaranty safety on its soils from any conflict bordering its borders. You might come across police or military checkpoints when you change regions, giving you a feeling that everything is under control.

10-day roadtrip itinerary

Our 10-day Jordan itinerary
Our 10-day Jordan itinerary

First on the schedule, half a day in Amman, a couple of days in Madaba from where we explored Wadi Mujib and the Dead Sea, in two different ways !

We then drove south with a stop at Kerak Castle and spent the night in Dana Reserve, at a very cool accommodation, a hobbit village !

It was then time to explore the ancient city of Petra, over 2 days, using two different entrances.

Aqaba was next on the schedule and we stayed 3 days relaxing and enjoying the great food.

Last on our list, Wadi Rum and its bedouins, a place unlike any other, where you can camp in the middle of the desert.


This trip was a bit special compared to our other backpacking trips, as it was more of a holiday and we were accompanied by Lisa's parents. Hence, the budget is not very representative and in fact we didn't log all the spendings there, only what we ourselves paid for.

Here are some prices, to get an idea (per person) :

Sim card with data for a month : 20$, entrance to Wadi Mujib : 25$, homecooked dinner at accommodation : 10$, beach club entrance in Aqaba : 15$, a new pair of cheap sandals : 9$, milkshake : 3$

Make sure to check out our youtube vlog (link at the top of this article) about the country as we tried to capture the atmosphere of the country.

You can also check our instagram @lisaandpol which features a dedicated Jordan highlight, with many pictures, tips, prices and videos :)

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